Legal environment

USA, in May 10, 2010, EPA – Environmental Protection Agency, approved natural refrigerants with hydrocarbon base, such as our’s, to be used in domestic and commercial stand alone refrigerators. Our company has a range of products ready to be used by manufacturers.

Since January 1, 2010, Montreal Protocol prohibited the manufacturing of polluted refrigerant R-22 (the must used single refrigerant in the industry). Our company has products like Eco22, ready to be used as a substitute in a safe way.

Europe, offers our E134 as an alternative for R600a (Isobutane) with better characteristics, price, performance and efficiency.

The market needs solutions for large installations like double circuit systems in which our company has the first refrigerant, installed with all safety devices in the machinery room and glycol as second refrigerant.


Product line

We have developed a range of products to enable the substitution of existing refrigerants by our energy saving and environmentally safe products while keeping the existing equipment:


  • Eco22 to replace R22
  • Eco134a to replace R134a
  • Eco404 to replace R404
  • Ecolub oils to ensure a perfect operation of the products
  • More products are in development

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